IT Management is the most important challenge in your business. We – at QGCS – deliver, install, implement the best solution for your organisation, company, office or home office. To reliably secure your IT systems, networks, communication channels in the network and to protect your data, we have partnered with the best German IT security development companies: WE SHIELD YOUR IT!

Our Solutions

Our IT SECURITY SOLUTIONS for your   NETWORK     INFRASTRUCTURE       DEVICES     From high secure remote service access to industrial plants & IT systems: download here our salesfolder More Information: Salesfolder QGCS: Cognitix Threat Defender – Intelligent Network Security –     More Information: Salesfolder QGCS: genubox – High Security [...]

Our Products

Did you ever experience what happens if your IT-system is not working properly? How expensive and timeconsuming a work interruption or production downtime can be, followed by time-consuming troubleshooting? Our business is to make your IT secure on the highest levels. Our solutions allow companies, public authorities and security services to reliably protect data communication between remote locations and partners [...]

IT Services

What we can do for you and for your IT Security: Secure Critical Infrastructure and Highly Sensitive Interfaces: Rigorously secure, control and monitor internal interfaces and boundaries between public and local area networks. Provide reliable and secure network Interfaces: in particularly critical infrastructure – up to classified areas in government. Secure Connections between Sites: Exchange strongly [...]

    We make your Networks, IT-Infrastructures, Devices, Cloud-Connections, Communication and your Internetconnections safer places for professional working.