What we can do for you

and for your IT Security:

Secure Critical Infrastructure and Highly Sensitive Interfaces:

  • Rigorously secure, control and monitor internal interfaces and boundaries between public and local area networks.

Provide reliable and secure network Interfaces:

  • in particularly critical infrastructure – up to classified areas in government.

Secure Connections between Sites:

  • Exchange strongly encrypted data between sites – with approval for classified government areas.

Secure Cloud Connections:

  • Provide comfortable and secure cloud services through reliable data Encryption.

Secure Connections for Mobile Users and Home Offices:

  • Make remote network access possible for external staff – approved for use in public authorities up to classified level.

Encrypted Communication via VPN:

  • Reliably protect sensitive data communication over the Internet – with trustworthy VPN solutions without backdoors,
  • Encrypted Communication via VPN up to “EU RESTRICTED”,
  • Reliably protect sensitive data communication over the Internet – with trustworthy VPN solutions for public authorities handling classified information.

Secure Remote Plant and IT System Maintenance:

  • Comfortably maintain machine plants and IT systems per remote access – with the highest levels of security.

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Qgenius Cybersecurity Shield

Our services in the IT sector

  • Shield and protection of your IT
  • Server & Network maintenance
  • Implementation of Cyber security solutions – Made in Germany

Our services in the IT sector

  • Encryption for Cloud computing
  • Encryption via VPN
  • Secure Data communication
  • Secure remote plant maintenance
  • Secure remote IT system maintenance

Our additional IT services

  • Webhosting & Web Development
  • Digital marketing in all social media platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Q-Genius Cyber Security Shield (QGCS)